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Lucia Flores-Wiseman

Lucia Flores-Wiseman, Live with Brandi Carlile

When Lucia Flores-Wiseman heard the news of being chosen to sing with Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter, Brandi Carlile, her heart skipped a beat. They would be performing together at a local concert in honor of supporting the Tahoma Schools Foundation. The big day would be June 5th, 2018, and she would be on stage in front of hundreds of Brandi Carlile fans. We talked with Lucia to learn how all of this came togeteher.

How did you get the opportunity to sing with Brandi Carlile?

It was a normal day of singing and playing in guitar class at school when my principal walked in and heard me. He mentioned Brandi Carlile's concert at our school and I was over the moon! I've been a huge fan all of my life, and I was excited to hear that she was coming to my school. During mid-winter break, Brandi, her band & crew practiced for a few days at our school stage in preparation of their upcoming tour.

During those days, I volunteered to be as much help as I could to her team. It was an unforgettable experience being able to meet the band members, the stage crew and especially Brandi herself. Everyone was so kind and Brandi and others even heard my music! A week later, a surprising email was sent from my principal exclaiming Brandi would sing with me at the concert! The smile on my face seemed to never disappear! I couldn't wait to be up on stage with my idol!

How was the concert?

The Brandi Carlile concert was an amazing experience! I was honored to have sung Shadow on the Wall and Hallelujah with Brandi. Brandi also let me sing my original song, Free. Being up on that stage meant the world to me, and I'll forever be grateful.

Tim and Phil Hanseroth (Brandi's bandmates) we're also so kind to me throughout this journey and I could not be more thankful! To even be recognized by those whom I've admired my whole life was such an amazing experience that I will keep close to my heart.

Lucia Flores-Wiseman, Brandi Carlile, Benicio Bryant concert
When did you start listening to Brandi Carlile's music?

Gosh, Brandi Carlile has always been played throughout my life as long as I can remember. I was told that at three-years-old, I belted her songs out of the car window, hoping she could hear me. Even in pre-school I sang her song, The Story to the class which was my favorite at the time. Her music has definitely inspired me to follow through with what I love to do; songwriting, singing and performing.

Lucia Flores-Wiseman and fans with Benicio Bryant