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Time to Leave with Tinkham Road

Lucia Flores-Wiseman

“...and just like that, all the chaos that thrives in my brain is silenced by a wave of serenity once I begin to sing....”

Lucia Flores-Wiseman is an up and coming singer/songwriter from Maple Valley, Washington who blends folk and rock with blues and jazz vocals to create a sound that is distinctively her own. Only sixteen years old, Lucia's hauntingly emotional performances weave mature sounds reminiscent of Brandi Carlile and Ray LaMontagne.

A commanding performer, Lucia continues to entertain audiences both large and small at local coffee shops, wineries, and festivals around the Pacific Northwest. Lucia recorded her first original single, “Time to Leave” with Tinkham Road, an eclectic folk band with a regional following, and recently performed with with Brandi Carlile at a benefit concert supporting the Tahoma Schools Foundation, where Lucia sang harmonies with Brandi as well as debuted an original song to hundreds.

Balancing her high academic standards and musical aspirations has not been an easy task, however, she looks forward to returning to the studio to complete a full album in the near future. You can find more of Lucia's performances on her professional Facebook page, Instagram, or listen to her latest recordings on iTunes or streaming on Spotify.

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